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A Kind Reminder to Ambassador Hoekstra: Mind Your Proper Duties

H.E. Mr. Pete Hoekstra, the US Ambassador to the Netherlands, is very active, but seems to be spending his energy in the wrong place.
Source: | 2020/4/4 22:31:57

Foreign embassies in China lower flags, mourn for COVID-19 victims

A number of foreign embassies in China and ambassadors joined the country's national day of mourning for COVID-19 victims on Saturday in different ways.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 17:24:30

US envoy to Netherlands urged to 'mind proper duties' by Chinese Embassy

China's Embassy in the Netherlands urged the US ambassador to the Netherlands on Saturday to “mind your proper duties."
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 14:41:50

From 'Wuhan virus' to thank you, US virus situation forces change in tone with China: experts

The US Embassy in China on Friday posted an article on Weibo which surprisingly expressed its ambassador's appreciation for Chinese efforts to assist the US government in the fight against the coronavirus, marking a sharp change in tone as less than a week ago, the embassy roiled Chinese netizens by using "Wuhan virus" to refer to COVID-19.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 1:02:35

Xi says China to increase assistance for Africa's COVID-19 battle

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday that China will continue to step up assistance for Namibia and other African countries in combating the COVID-19 epidemic.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/3 18:28:51

'Mask diplomacy' hype unhelpful

While some Western media and officials continue to hype China is practicing so-called mask diplomacy and question China's intentions behind its humanitarian assistance to other countries like Italy and the US, Chinese officials, companies and analysts called on the West to stop politicizing China's goodwill gestures in offering aid to other countries, which have been struggling in the coronavirus pandemic that would soon cause one million infections worldwide.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 22:53:41

China to beat back US' tech 'hegemony'

China on Thursday issued a blatant warning against what it calls "US technology hegemony," signaling that it would counter Washington's efforts to crack down on Chinese tech firms, as some US officials are reportedly mulling new restrictions on high-tech exports to China in an escalating battle for dominance in the realm of technology.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 0:13:40

FM slams US smear on virus info with timeline

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spent almost 9 minutes at a routine press conference on Thursday to question the shameless, ungrounded and repeated rumors by US politicians, including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that had falsely accused China of concealing COVID-19 data.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 19:06:54

False claims emerge over China's medical supplies

Recently, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, and Slovakia have questioned the quality of China's medical supplies amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Chinese officials have urged foreign nations not to politicize the issues and to tackle concerns in accordance with facts.
Source: | 2020/4/2 23:53:58

Xi says China ready to support Indonesia to overcome difficulties

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that China stands ready to support and assist Indonesia in order to jointly overcome the present difficulties.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/2 19:59:40

Xi says China ready to help Belgium with medical supplies amid COVID-19 outbreak

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday China is willing to help Belgium overcome the current shortage of medical supplies within its capacity.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/2 19:41:29

Political bias risks millions of lives in US

Unverified information, fake news and biased coverage of China's coronavirus prevention and control work are now becoming ammunition for some US politicians and experts to continue their attacks on China, who are intensifying anti-China smear campaigns as the pandemic worsens in the US. Chinese political observers warned that wasting too much time blaming Beijing to cover up their own failure in containing the virus is irresponsible and put millions of lives at risk.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 0:43:40

China transparent in dealing with epidemic: FM

China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged some US officials to focus on what they could do for Americans amid the COVID-19 pandemic instead of making vicious accusations and attacks on other countries based on wrong and twisted information.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 17:23:40

China leads UN Security Council to form new working modalities for emergencies amid COVID-19: envoy

China has led other United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members to set up new working modalities for emergencies amid COVID-19, in an effort to ensure the council functions effectively and plays its due role, according to a Chinese envoy.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/2 9:50:12

Xi says China-India relations at new starting point

China-India relations are standing at a new starting point and facing new opportunities, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday when exchanging congratulatory messages with his Indian counterpart, Ram Nath Kovind, on the 70th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/2 9:45:46

Embassy to fly back Chinese students in UK

China will arrange temporary flights to the UK on Thursday to bring back minor Chinese students in the UK eager to return to China amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more families of these students are worried about the epidemic situation in the UK.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 1:18:40

Chinese ambassador refutes doubts about coronavirus death toll

Approximately 10,000 people died in Wuhan in the past two months because of other reasons, plus more than 2,000 victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, which explains clearly why there was a long line in front of funeral homes in the city after they reopened on March 23, Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye told the French media.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 23:40:06

China willing to share virus experience, equipment with India: FM

China said it is willing to share with India its own experience on fighting COVID-19 and to provide possible aid in its fight against the virus, a spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said on Wednesday, which marked the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 21:21:51