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Slandering China not the vaccine for virus

As the novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Europe and the US, China, which is walking out of it's epidemic plight, is providing necessary supplies and medical assistance based on the spirit of humanitarianism.
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UK needs to cool anti-China rhetoric, drop Empire elitist attitude

Not only does the UK lack economic clout, but China will never again allow itself to be humiliated by Britain, or by anyone else for that matter.
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China, US cooperation key to battling coronavirus, restarting global economy

Whether the US and China can now pivot toward collaboration where interests overlap will shape the degree of global cooperation with regard to both more effectively combating the coronavirus and no less, in the huge challenge of restarting the global economy.
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US scholars call for cooperation while 'erecting barrier': Chinese expert

Song Luzhen, a researcher at the China Institute of Fudan University, criticized the US side's groundless accusations of China's epidemic response in the joint statement for erecting a new barrier for cooperation. It enforced the blame game while calling for solidarity, Song noted.
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Those in West indifferent to China's early pain now blame China for their loss

At a critical moment when global cooperation is direly needed to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, some Australian media outlets and personnel have been fabricating facts, groundlessly accusing China of being responsible for the spread of the virus and demanding China pay for the losses the pandemic would cause to the world. One notorious example is radio shock jock Alan Jones, who has been sending wrong and misleading messages with lies and unfounded accusations about China since the global pandemic reached Australia.
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Australian radio host racist, fans hatred with lies about China

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an appearance on a Sydney radio station Friday morning accepting an interview with host Alan Jones. Although Australia is being increasingly ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 5,300 confirmed cases as of press time, the right-wing radio shock jock cares less about how to effectively contain COVID-19 and more about pointing an accusing finger at China.
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Global synergy needed to defeat COVID-19

Countless people like me from business circles, educational departments, diplomatic corps, and other entities have invested heavily into peaceful global trade of the past 19-years since China joined the WTO. I would argue that to a person, we are concerned about the sheer stress test to these peaceful structures of globalization.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 19:05:33

Politicization of Chinese aid negatively impacting China-Europe cooperation

The fight against the pandemic has turned into a war of words due to some Western politicians' malicious intention to pass the buck. This will hinder solidarity within the EU and negatively influence European countries' cooperation with countries in other regions.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 13:14:05

'American exceptionalism' has become deadly arrogance

The US has had the highest number of coronavirus infected cases in the world. It is time for Washington to abandon its exceptionalism, spare no efforts to learn successful countermeasures and experience from other countries, and cooperate with any country that can get it through these tough times. This is the only way the US can effectively curb the deadly virus.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 11:41:18

West continues to smear China to deflect criticism over mishandling of virus crisis

Influenced by misleading reports and propaganda of Western media such as Le Figaro and some US media outlets, Westerners are becoming more and more prejudiced against China.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 19:03:40

Nesting at home is a simple sacrifice that's hard to screw up

The pandemic is not a violent war, but it is an emotional and mental battle no matter whether you are Chinese, American or Italian or any other nationality. Support one another heart to heart, mind to mind and spirit to spirit, together we will quell this crisis and meet together under the bright sunshine of a late summer day.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/2 18:43:40

West's sense of superiority caused failure to act promptly

The West is trying to deflect blame, exacerbated by a mind-set which interprets disease outbreaks not as an inevitable aspect of the human condition, but something belonging to exotic, oriental and poorer nations.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 19:48:40

Free market weakens US supply chain of much-needed medical supplies

Indeed, when we doff the tainted glasses of ideology, we can see that marshaling a country's economic and industrial resources to achieve a common goal is as essential as the temporary shelter-in-place policy that many of us are now abiding by. In an abnormal era, this is what we call the new normal.
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Post-pandemic international relations could change for the better

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far swept the world and many countries have declared a state of emergency. The pandemic has had a tremendous influence on the entire world and people are already considering the impact it will have on international relations.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 17:58:40

Post-pandemic world must close governance loopholes

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all countries have to withstand the blow and get through the challenge as soon as possible. In the future, how to promote their governance system and enhance operation will be their priority. Where globalization heads depends on such resilience.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 16:43:41

West should stop criticizing China and learn from its achievements

China has shared its experience, but many Western countries are just not willing to follow. When the pandemic is over, these countries will find that it was not China that had led to the severe conditions in the US and Europe, but their own wrong judgments and choices.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 16:23:40

China's virus fight squares with shared future concept

China's fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, officially known as COVID-19, has continued to make headway. Traffic controls within Hubei have been loosened, and economic production and social activities have resumed. Education departments in some provinces are mapping out the beginning of the first semester in 2020 amid the improving epidemic situation. Yet people are still vigilant about another wave of infections in the country.
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'Lack of transparency' claims ungrounded

I have no idea what scientific basis there is for scientists' claims that China's outbreak could be “downplayed by a factor of 15 to 40 times.”
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/1 11:03:40