Countermeasures against US restrictions should be discussed at China's two sessions

As much as we hate to admit it, there are growing signs of a high-tech decoupling between the US and China even as the coronavirus pandemic rocks global trade.
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China's recovery to bring tangible contributions to the world

The Chinese economy appears to be entering a path to recovery, with its official manufacturing index rebounding in March. This is likely one of few comforting updates for the global ...
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Delusional push for US-China decoupling may cost lives in global pandemic

Some Amazon workers on Monday organized a strike at a facility in Staten Island, New York, demanding better protection from the company after a worker there tested positive for COVID-19. ...
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India needs to respond to China's offer of help as soon as possible

The Indian government will soon buy personal protective equipment and ventilators from China, The Economic Times reported on Monday. The latest move shows that despite its 21-day national lockdown and ...
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Failing businesses need bailout, plain-clothes folks need safety net

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed a colossal $2 trillion economic rescue bill aimed at blunting the economic shocks from the coronavirus pandemic.
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Vigilance needed to stave off global food security crisis

The coronavirus pandemic could trigger a global food security crisis. Fears over its economic fallout have prompted some traditional crop-exporting countries to start restricting the flow of food, which is ...
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India should draw lessons from China's coronavirus experience

India on Tuesday announced a 21-day national lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, in stark contrast to the slow responses in some Western countries. ...
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Barriers should be removed to send medical supplies to US

As the number of US coronavirus cases surges, hospitals and clinics are fast running out of medical supplies like masks, gloves, gowns and goggles which are crucial to the battle ...
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US partisan disputes should make way for stimulus package

At a time when the world economy is on the brink of a depression, it's disturbing to find out that US partisan disputes continue to intensify and even block progress ...
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Global inflation on the way after US adopts 'helicopter money'

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to send Americans relief payments totaling $500 billion as part of a massive stimulus package to alleviate economic shocks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
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China's 2020 growth target needs to factor in global spread of virus

Unprecedented economic damage caused by the spread of the coronavirus worldwide has prompted substantial cuts by various financial institutions to their 2020 global growth forecasts, underlining the fact that the ...
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World should prepare for a new US economic depression

Recent market crash in US indicates the #Trump administration may need to do more to prevent an almost certain #recession from evolving into a #depression. The impact of stock market ...
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Trump's 'Chinese Virus' tweet foreshadows escalating clash

US President Donald Trump used the phrase “Chinese Virus” in a tweet expressing his support for various US sectors following the Wall Street bloodbath on Monday. Highlighting the new coronavirus' ...
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Trump loses trade war leverage grip

Trump no longer holds the favorable position he once enjoyed, when he could get away with indulging in costly trade wars.
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Excessive liquidity won't relieve market panic over spreading virus

Without effective containment of the #coronavirus spread, the US can't solve market volatility and economic repercussions by flooding its financial system with liquidity. After bringing the virus under control, China ...
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Despite Trump's tough stance, phase one deal at risk amid global virus spread

It is time for China and the US to acknowledge the impact of the deadly coronavirus outbreak on their bilateral trade, which is making the implementation of the phase one ...
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Trump is running out of options to stop the bleeding on Wall Street

Trump can blame others all he wants, but at the end of the day, no one will pay for the losses more than the US. The real danger is how ...
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Coronavirus poses risk of global trade contraction, fueling recession fears

Compared to the US stock market's bearish turn amid coronavirus fears, the global economy is likely facing a bigger threat from the huge blow to trade, which will likely lead ...
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