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China reports 5 new local cases all infected by imported cases

The Chinese mainland reported five new local cases of COVID-19 infections on Saturday all from South China's Guangdong Province with two minors infected by local imported cases.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 20:05:12

Global daily new COVID-19 cases surpass 100,000 for first time: Johns Hopkins University

Daily jump surpassed 100,000 for the first time, and the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide is more than 1,204,782, including more than 64,849 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University as of 5:05 pm Sunday, Beijing time
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 19:20:07

Netizens reject French anchor's apology for downplaying disrespectful comments on Chinese COVID-19 victims

Netizens have refused to forgive a French anchor from BFM TV who made improper comments about Chinese victims of the COVID-19 outbreak during a rebroadcast of China's silent tribute ceremony for coronavirus victims on Saturday after he downplayed the impact of his disrespectful conducts in his apology.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 18:14:57

Luckin Coffee apologizes for sales fraud, execs involved suspended

Luckin Coffee apologized Sunday regarding the fallout from its sales fraud on Monday, and its senior executives involved in the incident have been suspended, pending the investigation by its special committee, according to the company statement. Meanwhile the start-up will resume normal operations in its stores.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 17:11:00

Lack of trust and political fault-finding impede HK govt's viral fight: analyst

Despite strict and timely government measures to curb the spread of the virus, people in Hong Kong have not been as vigilant as those in the mainland have been。
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 16:03:40

Chinese scholars' appeal for China, US joining hands in COVID-19 fight must be heard: Diplomat magazine editor

Cooperation between China and the US is critcal to saving lives in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the voice of Chinese scholars reaching out with a unified message to the US for cooperation should be heard, Shannon Tiezzi, editor-in-chief of The Diplomat, told the 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 on Sunday detailing the reasoning behind the magazine publishing an open letter from 100 Chinese scholars.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 13:51:18

China rolls out stricter controls on clinical research for COVID-19 medicine

The State Council, China's cabinet has issued a notice on Saturday to further standardize the clinical research of medicine amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/5 12:53:40

Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Latest in battle against coronavirus
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/1/22 21:15:00

US scholars call for cooperation while 'erecting barrier': Chinese expert

Song Luzhen, a researcher at the China Institute of Fudan University, criticized the US side's groundless accusations of China's epidemic response in the joint statement for erecting a new barrier for cooperation. It enforced the blame game while calling for solidarity, Song noted.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 19:38:40

Those in West indifferent to China's early pain now blame China for their loss

At a critical moment when global cooperation is direly needed to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, some Australian media outlets and personnel have been fabricating facts, groundlessly accusing China of being responsible for the spread of the virus and demanding China pay for the losses the pandemic would cause to the world. One notorious example is radio shock jock Alan Jones, who has been sending wrong and misleading messages with lies and unfounded accusations about China since the global pandemic reached Australia.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 18:43:40

Netizens support steep fees of top physician Zhong Nanshan's consultations

Chinese netizens expressed support for revered respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan after media reported that the registration fee for his diagnosis costs as much as 1,200 yuan ($169), stressing his popularity in the country where Zhong has led the national team of medical experts twice in fighting virus invasion, including the COVID-19 epidemic.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 17:53:40

Foreign embassies in China lower flags, mourn for COVID-19 victims

A number of foreign embassies in China and ambassadors joined the country's national day of mourning for COVID-19 victims on Saturday in different ways.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 17:24:30

US envoy to Netherlands urged to 'mind proper duties' by Chinese Embassy

China's Embassy in the Netherlands urged the US ambassador to the Netherlands on Saturday to “mind your proper duties."
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/4 14:41:50

China to hold national day of mourning for COVID-19 victims on April 4

China will have a national mourning on Saturday for people died in COVID-19 outbreak, during which flags will fly at half-mast nationwide and at Chinese embassies around the world and public recreational activities will be suspended.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 8:11:48

Wuhan to maintain closed-off community management, investigate silent carriers

Hard-hit Wuhan vows to set up a long-term COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism and stick to its closed-off management for all residential communities due to pressure from asymptomatic infections, imported cases and patients who are testing positive again after being discharged from hospitals.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 18:02:43

Xi plants trees in Beijing, urging respect for nature

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday urged respect for nature, harmony between human and nature, and efforts to build a Beautiful China.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/3 17:58:23

WHO's remarks on China's COVID-19 response objective, unbiased: China's chief epidemiologist

Defending WHO against absurd accusations that the organization has been "working with China to conceal the death toll in the country," China's chief epidemiologist said on Friday that WHO has been objective and should not be subject to political slander.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 17:32:02

100 Chinese scholars pen a letter urging China-US anti-virus cooperation

An open letter from 100 Chinese scholars calling on China and the US to put aside their rift and work together to combat the COVID-19 has received an enthusiastic response from 12 countries including the US on Thursday, the letter's initiator told the 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 on Friday.
Source: 7星娱乐app-【官网首页】 | 2020/4/3 16:57:57